Synchronizing Selected Line items published to dashboard


Hi All,


After publishing selected line items to dashboard as a field box and trying to synchronize them with page selectors present on any module view on the same dashboard in Old UX, synchronization is not happening. It gets defaulted to the value on the page selector when it was initially published. Is there any workaround for this?


Any help would be appreciated



Anaswara Suresh



  • Hi @Anaswarasuresh 

    can you send screenshot of what you are trying to achieve?


  • @Anaswarasuresh 

    Synchronisation occurs between dimensions not line items. 

    The field card will not drive an update of the context/page selectors as it is a line item.

    To achieve what you are looking for you need to create a dummy module containing the dimension that you would like to change. 

    Publish this empty module to a page using a grid card. 

    Then enable the selector option for the context selector settings. 

    You will now be able to locate the grid anywhere in the page and use the selector to manipulate the page dimensions.