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Hi All, 


I am trying to import the text file(attached) in module SYS08 (below screenshot), even though I have tried to get the data in CSV format and do the same, but still, the data like employee name are appearing in the blueprint view.


Can some please suggest how to resolve the issue?


SYS08 Module (BluePrint View)




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  • Hi @vivekpratap2015 


    It looks like you are importing the data in Blueprint view that's why all the employee added into the line items.

    Delete all the line item which has been created as a line item.


    Whenever you want to import the data in Anaplan, remember you should come out from the blueprint view. 

    In other words, always upload the data in normal view. Create a new import action & do the proper mapping, remember you are using number list for Employee so always use Code for your mapping


    Hope this will helps!



  • Hi , I have shared the blue print view for reference . I have done import using grid view . And yes mapping by code only . 


    Pls share if you have any other thoughts 

  • Hi @vivekpratap2015 


    can you please provide us with the screenshot your mapping?