Data is not able to transfer properly even though the formula for reference is correct


Hi All, 

I have reference the data using the formula but still the data is not coming, can any body guide me what is the issue and how i can resolve it?

Below is the screen shot of Module EMP 02  in Grid view :- 


in Blue print view 


Please note :- same formula is referred in  car cost , phone cost and medical cost. 


Below is the EMP03 Module which I referred 



Please help me what is error i am comitting because of that data is not getting mapped correctly 



  • @vivekpratap2015 

    My best guess on that is that your SYS08 module is not populated. The formula you have looks correct - so Kudos there!! 

    Take another look at the SYS08 module and make sure you have the role for each employee loaded. I have a hunch that's where you'll find your challenge.

    Good work Vivek! You're almost done.