Lookup Mapping

Hi All, 

i am facing the issue in referring the data using the lookup function, I have described the issue in the attachment, if any body can help me with this it would be great. 



  • Hi @vivekpratap2015 ,


    Your formula looks correct, why you can't see any value for car cost because the employee (Shala Engle) which you have shared in the screenshot is not eligible for Car & Phone allowance, he is a staff member from sales department.

    Please change the employee from the page selector & see whether you can see any value or not, if not then please share the screenshot of the drill down.



    Hope this helps!



  • Hi 



    Module EMP03 Data is uploaded by text file , so whatever the data is there in text file is replication the same in module EMP03. below is the e.g. screenshot 


    The issue is even though formula mapping is done ideally i should get the data in EMP02, but unfortunately the data is not appearing in EMP02 for phone, car and medical. Below is the screenshot of EMP02 in Grid View, in which I have considered a different department, but none of the data is appearing.







  • Hi @vivekpratap2015 ,


    Your EMP02 Employee Expenses should be dimensioned by Employee list not by the department as I can see in your screenshot.

  • HI , 



    Its employee list only , below is the screenshot 




  • Hi @vivekpratap2015 ,


    can you check the drill-down for below employee? 


    are you getting below module name for car allowance?