Import data into DAT03 Historic Volumes module


The instructions in Level 2 model builder say to  follow these steps.

  • Run Process 9 Import Data from the Hub. 
  • This will pull the data into the Supply Chain model from the Data Hub model.
  • Make adjustments in order to avoid errors in the import process

I got no errors running it and everything imported without me changing anything with no errors? Shouldn't that not happen?



  • Hi @Kabir,

    it seems you did everything correctly already and there is no need to make any adjustments.

    Good luck with your Level 2! 

  • Strange! I must have done it and not noticed.

    Thank you 🙂
  • Hi 

    I am facing error on timescale can you guide me to how get the timescale matched.

  • hi 

    i am getting error for the same, can share the blueprint of DAT03 for rechecking.

  • alasor

    The only error I got on my end is that the Data Hub line item "Volume" is not equal to Supply Chain's "Volumes".

    Data Hub and Supply Chain model should have the same line item spelled correctly.

  • Hi, 


    I am stucked in the same process. I have rearrange the sources. then run process. I have gor the following error.



    What can be the issue and solution?


  • Hey did you get solution for this?

    I am having same issue