L1MB - Lesson 4 : Employee Subset not visible in Model Settings


Hello dear Community members! I have a question about Lists and their Subsets.


I created a Subset for the Employees List as per provided instructions, but it is not visible in the Model Settings [like in the pic(3) showing just the Model Settings]. Could you please help me understand what can be done





  • Hi @MryP,

    you crated subset correctly. 

    It will not display under general lists, same as you do not see Users dimension, but of course you can use it. 

    Try creating a new module, you will see the same overview as on the screenshot 3. This will be visible for you since you created the subset. 

    Let me know if you have additional questions!

  • Thank you very much for the swift reply @filip.sypniewski 🙂

    Screenshot 3 is indeed from the Module creation process. Thank you for letting me know that the Subset is not displayed under General Lists in the Model Settings.