Level2 Model Build, Sprint 2, Import into SYS08 SKU Details module


I have downloaded the Supply chain model and am running through the final steps of the L2 Sprint 1. Asks for data from the Data Hub to be loaded into the SYS08 SKU module.


The only data that would be updatable by load in the SYS08 module is the "Supplied by" Line Item, all other line items are look-ups to other lists.


I have reviewed the DATA HUB model and can find no reference to "Supplied by" in any of the lists, modules or data files


Running an import against the SYS08 module without the Supplied by? field mapped results in errors and has no impact.


Step Rename Actions & Update Process then asks for the above import to be renamed and saved as part of a process.  However if 1 element of a process fails they all fail and so this seems counter intuitive.


Can anyone with experience of the L2MB (New UX) training advise whether this is something I should be concerned about please?


Many thanks




  • When your import is complete, as I understand it, the module should look like this. I can't find a line item called "Supplied by"


    Could you post some screenshots of the error you're getting?

  • 75C87AE5-D935-43D5-A932-35331049C75D.png

     this is the SKU Details module I have.  Looks like supplied by should be distribution centre - I’ll import those into the supplied by field, should be no issue.  I will also contact support to see if the field naming will impact the exam questions.  Thanks for your assistance

  • For Mapping, Use the fix line items option for SYS08 SKU Details and use Column 3 for data value then move to tab SYS08 SKU details and choose supplied by option from drop down. It will map data correctly, its sue to different names in source & target files. Hope this helps. Thank you!

  • I am having a problem with the SYS08 file, for some reason it will not populate the Product Family.  Here is the setup I have for SYS08: 


    Any ideas on where the problem may be?  



  • You have accidentally removed the dimensionality from the Product Family Line Item.  In the applies to column make sure there is a "-" against the Product Family and things should be OK.


    the "-" means the same as the module header and should be shown against every line item unless you are deliberately wanting a subsidiary view.