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Hi All, 

Can anybody suggest to me what I do to include subset line items in the saved view for SYS07 Location details :-


I know how to create the subset line items, but can't figure out what to do with subset line items? which module i can refer having number as format etc ?? so request you to please help me to complete this activity. 



SYS 07 Location details :- 





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  • NB
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    Hi Vivek, 


    There is no need to create a new List subset. One can see the selections are identical and therefore serve no purpose.


    If you select the line items Code, Country and distribution centre and save the view that should be it.





  • NB

    Hi Vivek, 


    This activity is from Level 2 , Create Build Location Saved View and asking to create a saved view.


    You may be getting confused with the word subset line items, the ask is not to create a line item subset of the module SYS07 Location Details. That is because none of the line items within this module are number formatted and therefore a line item subset of this module would not serve any purpose.


    Subset here is referring to some of the line items rather than all. All that needs to be done is to select the relevant columns, selecting show and then saving the view and giving it a name " Build Location".


    I hope that this helps.






  • @NB 


    Thanks for below explanation , I have created the subset as per shown below ,can you pls help how can i get the subset included in the saved view activity. 

    Also i think the options for location subset(3) should be different but not exactly same as of original location column(2).