Model Building Level 1 - 6.8.4 Activity: Add Formulas to Country Details Module


I'm attempting the following...In your model, open the SYS03 Country Details System module in Blueprint view.

Add the formulas to the line items: 

Line Item Formula
CodeCODE(ITEM('G2 Country'))
RegionPARENT(ITEM('G2 Country'))
Country Only?TRUE


When I add the formula, PARENT(ITEM('G2 Country')), to Region line item I receive the below error.


Invalid formula:

'SYS03 Country Details'.Region = PARENT(ITEM('G2 Country'))

'SYS03 Country Details'.Region has LIST:G1 Region format but the formula resolves to LIST:G2 Country format


Please help.


  • JaredDolich
    edited November 2022


    Looking good so far. here are some suggestions:

    • Make sure you line item for Region is using a format of "list" and is using the "G1 Region" list


    • Make sure your hierarchy looks like this:


  • seanomahoney
    edited November 2022

    Thank you, Jared! You're my hero!


    Hierarchy was the issue. 


    Happy New Year!

  • ahmedsyed
    edited November 2022

    I have checked both the points of hierarchy and format, still the issue persists