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Can you please help me to understand visually what is the difference between system module  and saved view as per below instructions :- 




Saved View :-


Let me know please if i am doing any mistake ? as in furher topics if i am importing these saved viewes I am not getting any data populated in lists. 



  • @vivekpratap2015 

    All really good questions. I'll try answering this by defining each. That might be the best way.

    • System Module - when you first create this module, usually only with one list, it will create a default view of the module based on how you set the pivot initially.
    • Saved view - if you want to view the data a different way, you can change the list and list items around and "save" the view. This is what we call a saved view.
    • Importing Data - When you import data into the module it doesn't make any difference which view you use. The only time a saved view will matter with imports is if the saved view is used as the "source" of the data. Since the module is the "target", meaning the place you want to import data, then the view will not matter.

    The reason your list data may not be showing up is that you haven't loaded the "code" into the list yet. Open up the Region list and see if there are any codes.

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  • I'm unable to view or analyze the attached images. Could you please provide a description or more details about the differences you're trying to understand? :((((((((

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