Import of Saved View


Hi All, 


I have created the module SYS12 SKU Data and Saved view as "Build SKU" and "Import SKU Details". but while importing the Build SKU saved view in new list P3 SKU I am not able to find the saved view for selection , below is the screenshot for the same. Let me know if in case I am missing any thing ?




  • @vivekpratap2015 

    Hmm. That's very strange. Only three things I can think of since your default view for SYS12 is missing too.

    • The resolution needs to be made larger/smaller so you can scroll down. For a PC, you can hold the CTRL - Middle Mouse Scroll
    • You tried an import before Anaplan had a chance to update the import source screen. You can try the import again and see if it shows up.
    • Something with the way you are creating the import. If the top two don't resolve your issue, describe what you are doing so we can try to duplicate what you're seeing.


  • Thanks @JaredDolich 


    But I used CLT+F to find the missed view , its sorted now . Thanks alot