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I am trying to create a new app but in my app landing page the option to create an app is not appearing, please help me on the same. whether any settings need to be changed. attaching the screenshot for the same.

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  • JaredDolich

    @Aneetabj just to add to @Misbah comment, you'll want to visit with the tenant administrator, the person that has "Admin" access. Usually, its the person the secured the contract with Anaplan.

    From there the tenant admin will go to the "administration" option and click on "assignments", then your name. Click the "page builder" option, and you're all set.

    page builder.png


  • @Aneetabj 


    It looks like that you don't have page builder rights. Please get in touch with Anaplan Tenant administrator of your organization, s/he can provide that access to you. That should help



  • Thank you for helping


  • I'm training by myself without any organizational support. There's no option such as Administration to start with. So I'm unable to create apps. Is there a solution for this where I can practice building apps on my own? 

  • @ynprasad29 

    Without being a page builder, you cannot create apps. However, you can create "My Pages" which are individual New UX boards/worksheets. It's limited functionality but will serve you well until you can find a way to become a page builder.