Front end and Back end


Hello All, 

just wanted to ask about the experience regarding the module design phase like we usually adopt, first we all have look on the UX experience, then the functions like calculation etc and at last about list, modules etc .. 


If somebody has a different view please share, as in my organization things do get changed more often, also i have seen there was one question in level2 sprint 2 , which i was not able to correct too. In case if somebody has any answer about that question please try to explain and i would like to request everybody to express their view/ express how they start the design process. 





  • @vivekpratap2015 

    Awesome question - one that is likely to generate a lot of discussion.

    From my perspective, and experience, the best way to design the module (or model, for that matter) is to make sure you fully understand the process you are modeling for and that you have a good idea what constitutes success. This is what is meant by front to back. So it's not as much a checklist of things to do, as it is a method to give you confidence that you know what you're expected to build.

    I think most Anaplan modelers would agree that modeling is an academic exercise if you know what you need to build. So the project management process you use will certainly help you define the process and what's important to build first. Anaplan uses a modified Scrum methodology, called Anaplan Way, which you may find very helpful. I found the Anaplan Way Guide is well documented here.