Level 3 Sprint 1 user story 1.7-1.10


My Approach is - calculate Redistribution Factor based on initial Account sales target,Hold and Override Value in TAR03 Country Account Calculation Module, and then use the Factor in TAR02 Account Review module

but when I  am trying to Access the Factor line item  for calculating Final Sales Target with respect  to country in TAR02 Account Review module getting Circular reference error,

need the slightest hint to avoid circular reference error.


  • Your approach is correct. Make sure that the Final Sales Targets line item is not referenced by any of the line items used to calculate Factor. The Final Sales Targets line item should not be referenced by any of the line items in TAR02 or TAR03 except for Check. 

  • Hi @BenHilgendorf @swapnil_J 


    My approach to calculate factor:

    1) Aggregate Override & Hold values in "To Change" line item and substract it from SUM of "Initial Accounts sales Target".

    2) Then divide it from the ones where "initial account sales target" do not have Hold or Override Value.


    Got Stuck at:

    1) To calculate sum of "Initial account sales target" i need to use lookup but when i use formula - Initial accounts sales target[lookup: A1 Account] but it is showing error.

    2) To calculate the denominator do i need to use IF Else statement - IF NOT Overide And Hold then sum initial sales target. But how to put it in a formula?


    Any Hint/Clue is much Appreciated.