Totals and filtering




I'm trying to implement model where users could easily apply filters on customer list based on segments and subsegments. Problem is that when the user list is filtered by segment or subsegment the customer total doesn't change. Filter is made on user level.


Amount of customers, products and users is so high that I can't add users as dimension to reporting model as the model size would grow too much. Is there any workaround that I could use to solve this problem with customer totals and filtered customer list? 


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  • @pyrypeura 

    What you are effectively trying to create is a series of unique reports per user as per a selection chosen by that user. 

    For this to work as you intend you need to add users as a dimension so that each user has access to every possible combination of reports across all possible filter combinations. 

    As you have stated this is not feasible or desirable due to size constraints. It also creates significant redundancy as many of the combinations will not be used. 

    Can you create a worksheet and allow each user to utilise the pivot and filtering functions?

    If you have a large number of line items that are are hidden or filtered out of the final report create a new module containing only this line items required and publish this as a worksheet.

    Anaplan is not geared up to allowing unique user defined reporting.

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  • Thanks for quick answer. I need to use old ux for this so worksheets are not solution at this point. I solved this by creating new segment>subsegment>customer hierarchy.