Is it possible to maintain a Line Item Subset's original formatting?


I have run into a problem in which I created a module using a Line Item Subset and used a COLLECT() formula to pull the data in from the original module. My question is whether or not it is possible to retain the original modules Line Item's formating.

As you can see in the original module (without the line item subset) I have one of the line items set as a percentage in the formatting:

Delete me2.PNG

The module using the line item subset cannot use percentages for just this item:

Delete me1.PNG

Is there a way to get around this while still being able to use the capabilities of Line Item Subsets?
Thank you.


Best Answer

  • nathan_rudman

    short answer: no

    long answer: you can work with two line items over the LIS, second one as text and change its value so it looks like a percentage and then hide/filter to show the first LI for the values, the second for the %