Multiple Line Item Context Selectors


Hi All, 

When there are multiple line item context selectors on a page from different cards/grids I do not seem to be able to filter the line item selection. 

This is due to the fact that in the settings wheel of the page for the line items context selector not all line items are visible. 

I cant seem to seem any real logic as to what line items are displayed at any one time as on one attempt it will allow me to see items from one card and on another attempt line items from a different card.

When I attempt to filter the line item context selector I end up excluding line items from the cards not included in that particular selection.

Am I missing something? There seems to be a major oversight on the behalf of the product team which developed the new UX.

Please enlighten me!



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  • Ingilavicus

    Hi @ChrisAHeathcote ,


    Indeed the multiple modules with line items as context selectors are messy on one page.


    What I tend to do is to prepare a saved view with the unnecessary  LI's hidden, and when publishing to a page turn off the Line Items: Syc with page option. It is not as fast or nice as creating the grid in NUX, you also lose the nicer formatting features, but at least the selections make sense. And the other grids don't change the selected items when going through the items of a different grid. Seems to be more stable this way. 




  • ChrisAHeathcote


    @filip.sypniewski @nathan_rudman @Ingilavicus 


    I have discovered that if you enter and re-enter the board designer the line items settings wheel will switch between the different cards that are present on the board.

    This then allows for show/hide of line items across multiple cards.

    However, the board context selector will only show the line items from the most recent card that cycled through the designer view and they do not seem to follow any logical pattern. You could be entering and re-entering board designer multiple times before it cycles back to the line items from the chosen card. 


    A workable solution for now but there needs to be the option of being able to select which card the settings relate to and to allow the user to access all line items from the board context selector. 

    I have raised this in idea exchange.


  • davewaller

    Hi everyone.

    Just a quick note to let you know we've just enabled native support for multiple page-level selectors where you have many cards all with line items pivoted to pages.

    We're not changing how your pages currently look, so no need to worry about disrupting live users, but next time you go to edit the page you'll have the opportunity to update your page-level selectors and get any new ones for additional modules on the page.

    Have a great day.