Lesson 8.5.3 Volumes Data Import Rev02 New


Hi - I am having trouble importing for module 8.5.3. 


I have uploaded data and chosen the format as shown in other members questions for this module.


Steps I followed:

1. Updated CSV file update to show first header is row 2 and data in row 3. 

2. Chose correct parameters and chosen "Fixed Line Item" for Rev02

3. Went to the time tab and updated the fixed position patterns per suggestion on community questions and answers.


I still receive error message for import. Can someone help?





  • Can you check your module dimensionality, specifically the "Time" settings that are applied? What timescale has been applied? 


    The import definition shows "2019, 2020, ...", which leads me to believe it's been set to Years. Change this to "Monthly" and please try running the import again.