Trouble importing BookPrice




I am having troubles when I import the data from the Price Book that I downloaded from Anaplan Learning. 

The numbers imported are inserted with a multiplication of 100 (e.g 0.84 USD ==> 84 USD), so my margin calculation is all false! 


What should I do ? 

PS : I have applied the same Format for the line items as indicated in the training support. 


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  • Check the decimal separator (dot or comma) is correct in the import data source (File options).

  • Hello, 


    Thank you for your Reply. 

    In fact, i checked the separator is comma and it's correct on the import source file.

    Is there any other potential reason ? 


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  • The decimal separator is different from the column separator. If the values in the source file are of the form "0.84" then use dot, if they are of the form "0,84" use comma.

  • Hello again, 


    Thank you ^^ it worked 🙂


    Have a good day.