Ending Learning of Anaplan


Hello All, 


Very sadly I wanted to inform you that I devoted too much time and energy in learning anaplan level -2, but unfortunately, anaplan academy is not awarding my certification, as even though i have completed all the exams of Sprint 1/2/3 and conclusion, the conclusion exam is not showing as completed, due to this anaplan academy tool issue , the academy is not ready to issue the certificate to me. I think I have wasted my time and energy in the learning anaplan. 


Sorry to say this time, because of anaplan academy I need to stop my learning with anaplan and need to shift focus to some other technology. 


Nevertheless, thanks anaplan and community members for your kind support. 







  • Hi Vivek,

    I'm Emily from the Community team. I'm sorry to hear you are having some challenges with your Anaplan Learning Center account. I understand that you've reached out to a few folks here at Anaplan within the last 24 hours, and I have no doubt they are actively working to assist you with this issue.

    I would ask for your patience with us. I'm sure you can understand that it may take a day or two to research and investigate the issue, and make sure we have all the answers before we respond.

    If you don't hear from anyone by end of day on Friday, January 8, please tag me in a reply.

    Again, I really appreciate your patience!


  • Hi Vivek,

    I did a bit of double-checking today and it looks like you received your certificates last week. Congratulations on becoming a Certified Model Builder!


    Please let us know if there is anything else you might need.


    Happy Anaplanning!