User guide for pre-built app

Do we have any user guide for the pre-built app available in app hub. Demand Planning, Supply Planning, etc.?


  • hello @maheshramaiah 

    Do you mean some sort of documentation of how to use the models?
    If so, then I don't think so. Some apps have notes and comments to guide users though.


    Keep in mind, these apps are not meant to be the "gosple" for any of the business cases modeled. It is just a broad demonstration of what customers can achieve with Anaplan

  • Hello @einas.ibrahim 

    Thanks for your response. I wanted to check if there are any documentation to understand the functionalities covered in various apps. Notes and comments are limited. Agree these apps are built to show the capability of Anaplan and what customers can achieve. 




  • Hey @maheshramaiah 

    I doubt there is an official public place where this information is available.