Import file to module


HI team,


I am trying to import csv file to a module, it is worked and record updated in respective module. 

But when the same action trying to update using new set of records in source csv file via manage import data source "file not exist error " getting. i have delete the action and import again it is working in dev environment but this fix fix cannot do in production environment due to modification restriction. 


can any one help me here. I am stuck this issue for long time. 





  • @Jerin_KJ 


    There are two reasons why this might be happening:

    • Files are not copied to new models.  So, if this is a different model, that file will need to be uploaded again.
    • Most likely, it is a permissions issue on the file.  Meaning, if you uploaded the file and did not change the permissions to All or Administrations vs. Private File, then another person will not have access to the data within the file.

    For more information on File permissions, follow this link