P3 SKU 0 Failed Invalid parent


Hi on the Level 1 model building exam, 


I am trying to import the SKU csv and I get a message saying invalid parent and I dont know why. 

Wold you mind helping me ? 

Capture d’écran 2021-01-12 à 22.17.01.png



  • Can you share a screenshot of your import definition? 


    Thanks for attaching these.

    One thing you should change is in your Import Data Source/File Options - you need to change the Header Row to "2" (which will automatically update the First Data row to "3"). In your file preview below, SKU, Parent and Code are our column headers that describe the row level data, and exist in row 2. This isn't the cause of the issues, but will cause some errors to appear. 

    2021-01-13 09_54_19-Window.png

    You should also check the List configuration, and ensure that the Parent Hierarchy has been set properly. 


    Check which list the Parent Hierarchy has been set to, and then review what list items exist in that list. Check if there is an entry in there with the name or code "Nutzo Bar". If this is all set properly, and you are still having issues, can you please attach some screenshots of the configuration and the lists?