New Filter - From Column not Dimension


I need to create a filter for one of the columns in my module.  It is not part of the dimension and it needs to be a drop down select list not the default filters in the module.


How do I accomplish this?


  • @acarrara 

    Create a module that we will use to select the object to be filtered. This will be the same list that is used in the target module. 

    Create a new line item in the target module and format this as boolean. This will the line item that we will eventual use inn our filter.

    Use the following formula; =Target.Filter = FilterSelection.ListItem 

    The boolean will register as TRUE when the line item in our selector equals the line item from the drop down in the target module.

    In the UX apply a filter in the grid settings using the filter line item in the target as your filter criteria. 

    Good luck, Chris