Level 3 Sprint 2 Section 4.5



Section 4.5 says to check my build on the Accounts Exception UX. I am not sure if there was an activity to build that. 

Am I supposed to build the UX pages basis the mock-ups we created in the beginning?




  • Hey @ankit_cheeni , yes I believe the intent was to do so. 


    It's not explicitly required, as the exam doesn't explicitly ask you to show any of the UX items, but it does make it much easier to answer the questions/review the work.


    I recommend creating the dashboards - if you have the example UX pages that they provided (after you did your mockups), these are the best ones to follow. 

  • @ankit_cheeni  As they are really simple pages/dashboards, I personally created them in both classic and new UX... However, as the "Assign" actions are not available in New UX, the assigning account dashboard with the whole functionalities can be created only in classic. 


    hope it helps



  • @alexpavel @kevin.cho  thank you for your responses. I concur that creating the DBs aren't really sweating tasks. I created the DB and started Sprint 2.