Clickable Image Links


We would like to put an image on the UX dashboard, which can be clicked on to navigate to a specific link.  Is this possible to do?


  • @KevinMcQuillen 


    Interesting. Not sure if that can be done.


    As of now It will allow you to navigate to different dashboards within the App if you click on those Images. 



  • Hi @KevinMcQuillen,

    could be interesting development, for sure good to post on Idea Exchange

    For now, you would need to post Hyperlink itself in Line Item. You can use MAKELINK formula to create display name like 'Click here' or 'SharePoint'. See here

  • @KevinMcQuillen 

    The closest solution I can offer is that you use image and text link formatted field card to direct you user to the required website.

    Use MAKELINK so that you can customise the text visible to the user.

  • Hi @KevinMcQuillen


    I'm writing to share a quick tip on how to redirect users to specific Anaplan pages using Image cards. Here's a step-by-step guide:

    1. Edit the Image card: Click on the Image card you want to add the link to.
    2. Link to Page: In the Edit card menu, navigate to the "Link" section and select "Link to Page."
    3. Choose the Target Page: Select the specific Anaplan page you want the image to redirect users to.
    4. Set the Link Style: Choose "None" for the link style. This ensures that the image appears clickable but doesn't have an underline or other visual indicator.

    By following these steps, when users hover over and click on the image, they will be seamlessly redirected to the chosen Anaplan page without any visual distraction.

    I hope this clarifies the process! If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask.