Level 1 - Lesson 7.2.1


Hello everyone!


Lesson: 7.2.1


Activity: Importing Data into the correct Columns


Issue: I have this error shown in the screenshots below. I tried to change switch around the sources but to me, this was the best solution. I also need to go back to my general list and delete out the product code data. I need to redo my import to make sure it is correct for P1 Product Family and P2 Products but, I still don't know where the sources go. I've been getting this error after multiple tries. If anyone could suggest a solution to my problem, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!




Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 3.47.55 PM.pngScreen Shot 2021-01-14 at 11.40.55 AM.png1-1.png1-2.png1-3.png1-4.png1-5.png

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  • kevin.cho
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    Hi @ismaelmaclovio 


    It's best if you can show your progress, and then I can guide you through the next/correct steps to get the right outcome. 


    As per my previous post, did you check the "Size" list? What were the entries in this list? Did you complete activity 4.6.9 properly? Please provide a screenshot of your "Size" list (in the Grid View mode) if you are confident that you ahve. 


    For the series of lists that make up the Product Hierarchy, think carefully about which attributes in each file correspond to the Code, and Parent, for each item.


    E.g. in the Product Families.csv file, you have two attributes:

    1. Family Code

    2. Family Name


    From these, you can map the Family Code to the "Code" property of the list, and the Family Name to the "Name" property of the list. 


    For the Products.csv file (in activity 4.6.7), you have four attributes now:

    1. Product Code

    2. Product Name

    3. Family Code

    4. Size


    Within the P2 Products list, you would have three attributes that you need to map to:

    1. Code --> Product Code seems the most sensible here

    2. Name --> Product Name seems the most sensible here

    3. Parent --> Given that the P2 Products list rolls up into the P1 Product Family list, and each item in the P1 Product Family list was identified by the "Family Code" attribute, then you can use the "Family Code" attribute to populate the parent. 


    If you are still having further problems, please send through screenshots of each respective list in Grid View mode - Grid View provides a bit more detail, including the Code, Parent and any other list properties. 



  • Hi 🙂 


    Relating to the error in your "Size" import, can you please double check the "Size" list, that those entries exist? 


    In Lesson 4.6.9, you would have been asked to import the file "Size.csv" into the "Size" list, which would have created each of those entries. 


    For your Product/Product Family error, I'd recommend clearing out those lists, and re-doing 4.6.6, and 4.6.7, being careful to ensure that you properly populate the codes and reviewing each of the lists before continuing. 

  • I can't figure it out. Would you mind telling me where they go? I've been at this for hours and I still can't. Please, if you don't mind telling me where the codes go properly for 4.6.6 and 4.6.7 and 4.6.9. I have to meet a deadline and at this point I won't make it.
  • Thank you, I solved it.