Level 1 9.2.5 Formula Error




When adding the formulas to the line items for REV05 Price Growth Rates Staging module, I get the following error:

The formula for 'REV05 Price Growth Rates Staging'.Unit Cost % is invalid:

'REV05 Price Growth Rates Staging'.Unit Cost % = 'REV04 Price Growth Rates'.Unit Cost %[LOOKUP: 'SYS04 Location Details'.Country, LOOKUP: 'SYS06 Product Details'.Product Family]

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Bhavesh
    Answer ✓

    @andre.lie have fixed the issue.

    Turns out that the SYS modules this formula looks up needed to be in a particular format. So once these were pivoted correctly the formula worked.


    Thanks to all that have reached out.


  • @Bhavesh 


    LOOKUPs look ok to me. However what I think might be happening is that your module name is incorrect. Are you writing the name of the module and line items or are your using " refer and click" method? If it is latter then it is right otherwise check the name of the module and line item once again and use "refer and click" method



  • Thanks @Misbah  Have tried refer & click method but still comes up with the same error

  • @Bhavesh , what are the lists used in both modules?