Having trouble mapping a flat file



I'm having trouble mapping this flat file into my Module. It will not let me manually map my data when I choose that option. Please advise. Pics are attached. 


Thank you 

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  • @neg177 It seems that the line items which are not mapped does not have any data in the source file, hence Anaplan engine is not allowing to map them manually. If you have values in those cells, it would either automatically map or allows manual mapping.


    Hope this helps.


  • @ashish.banka  I wonder, not having the data in the source would impact the line item mapping?


    @neg177, can you make sure the line items you are trying to map are not formula-driven? line-items that are mappable(input fields) are eventually showup in blue texts in the target section.






  • @sandeep_bkyou are correct. However I assumed that @neg177 would be trying to load data into input line item rather than formula line item.


    I think it would be a great feature for Anaplan platform to disable mapping for those line item which does not have any data in the source file to avoid mistake.



  • @neg177 

    From your screenshot it would appear that all items that can be mapped in the target are allocated to a line item in the source. Unmapped items in the target will appear as blue in the box at the bottom right of the screen.


    Ensure that all line items in the target which you want to import data into do not contain any formulas. Only empty line items will appear as mappable and will be marked in blue.


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  • I removed the formulas like you said and the data mapped beautifully.


    Thank you