Looking for an alternative registration page



Lavish here, I am working on a problem which includes different suppliers/vendors to become users in our workspace. Now some suppliers/vendors are already registered with us so they can access the model. But for new suppliers/vendors we have to collect their information and then we have to set them as users in our workspace. Now I am looking for a solution in Anaplan to build a registration page(maybe similar to Anaplan login page) where these suppliers/vendors can ask us to get registered with us and we also get a notification that some supplier/vendor is trying to reach us through this registration page.




  • Hello @Lavish,


    You have to build such a registration page outside of anaplan, and call the anaplan API to import into Users.




  • @Lavish Anaplan being a Planning platform should not be used for such purpose. Although Anaplan is a web-based platform but for such request, you should avoid using Anaplan. As David Smith says " Because you can, does not mean, you should". And I agree with @ArunManickam . Create a web-page outside of Anaplan and keep Anaplan from solving planning problems.