Include a column for specific filter selection?


We have a new report request and they would like to include a single column when only one of the filters are selected.


So if the drop down had 5 choices, the one of these five that we want, includes an additional column that is not displayed when any of the other 4 selections are chosen.


I am sure there is a way to accomplish this, but being a relative newb (couple of months), I am unaware of how to accomplish this.  Any help or pointing me to a training module that covers this? 


  • Hi,

    Your requirement is a little confusing but I believe you are looking to filter line items based on the value of a drop down selection.

    If so, you need to create a line item subset.

    Using the line item subset create a filter module containing a single boolean formatted line item.

    Create a second module containing a single line item and format this as a list selecting the line item subset created above. 

    Use the second module to query where the dimension in the filter module matches the selection in the second.

    In your target module apply the filter to the module and save this as a view in the modelling environment.

    When creating the the grid in the UX select the saved view from the module view tab.

    Publish the line item used to select the filter criteria to the same page using a field card.

    There a few restrictions with this method. Line item subset can only be created from number formatted line items and you are unable to create line item filters in the UX.

    Good luck,


  • Thanks.  Yes. That is what I am trying to accomplish.


    Let me go and try this.


    Thanks again.