Mobile Emulator (Android or iOS) for testing and presentation




I am struggling to find a good mobile emulator (android or iOS) paying or free that I can use for testing the apps layout on a mobile device and, mostly, for client presentations.


Some of the online emulators (on chrome) that I found do not support the Anaplan app because it does not run on a rooted devices. Other desktop apps were just too heavy or advanced for the use that I need.


Thanks you for your help,


  • just use chrome developper tools (F12). You can use the presets or set your own resolution




  • Here are some alternatives,


    1. Mirror your phone/tablet to desktop during the presentation. Some mirroring application lets you control the phone/tablet as well.

    2. If you are using zoom for your client presentation, you can directly screen share from the phone.

    let me know your thoughts




  • I didn't think about mirroring a physical device. Thanks for the tip 🙂

  • Hello Nathan,


    I tried this earlier. When I use it, I can only have the Anaplan web interface in the format ratio of a mobile phone. But I didn't manage to use the .apk app.

    Is there a way to use the app in Google Chrome DevTools ?