DCA working differently for similar scenarios



We have implemented DCA and applied the Read/Write access drivers in other Modules , post which it has actions to be executed. Once the processes are run, DCA works differently in 2 scenarios as mentioned below:

1. The data for the process "creation of staging list" executes but does not update the data (Step C : Ignored: 40608 ->as displayed in picture below). Rest of the processes runs as per expectation.



2. The process "creation of staging list" is FAILED . Due to which next 2 processes are also failing.


Please do let me know how to rectify this so that the Step C does not fail in 2nd scenario. The expectation is to make it work as mentioned in 1st scenario stated above.







  • @ShradhaPriya 


    Which role is running the action, an administrator or someone with specific roll access (Not Full Access)?  I ask because if the person does not have full access, DCA is still observed while if an admin, the DCA setting is not observed.