A peek into the headcount planning process at Anaplan


Anaplan itself is certainly not unique in its challenges to get our finance, human resources, and sales teams on the same page of what our headcount is and what our headcount is forecasted to be in order to hit our revenue targets, and we've struggled in the past to understand where requisitions were in the cycle and how many were currently open.


Check out this great post by @joeymorisette on how Anaplan built a connected dashboard to help transform collaboration and conversations between teams: https://community.anaplan.com/t5/Blog/Headcount-Alignment-Executive-Summary/ba-p/93789 


For this, Anaplan has integrated data from our human capital management (Workday), application tracking system (Greenhouse), and customer relationship management (Salesforce), to create an automated and coherent headcount-planning process, and allowing us to operationalize headcount requisitions quicker and improve our time-to-hire. You can also bring your data from these sources, or from any other HR and recruiting system.


How are you addressing similar challenges in your organization? I look forward to hearing your thoughts, reactions, and solutions.