Editing/Inputting editable cells simultaneously


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We have multiple users accessing a page and inputting / editing the editable cells at the same time. What is the system behavior. Does it give an error? and/or will it document the history or changes made.


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  • @ShekharGite 


    When multiple users are updating the same cell, the update with latest timestamp will be retained by Anaplan.

    When the value in the anaplan system is changed and display of an user console is not changed (say user did not refresh recently), when this user updates the same cell, anaplan will throw an error that the cell value is being changed by another user. After a couple of seconds, the user can refresh the screen and edit the value.

    The updates in the order of time stamp can be seen in the audit history.

    The values displayed are latest in real time, but it needs the user to refresh the data. 


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  • Thanks @ArunManickam That was helpful.

  • @ShekharGite 


    To play Devil's Advocate, why would you have multiple people updating the exact same cell or intersection of data?



  • @rob_marshall  We are in the development phase and some of the SME's are testing side by side the pages which are being developed. That's the reason for this thought to cross my mind but luckily no one has raised any issues yet.