Level 2 Sprint 3, Product Replenishment UX Page

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Can you help resolve a few questions in regards to the Checklist and Prototype for lesson 3.3.12 Activity: Create Product Replenishment UX Page? 


1.Is it okay to have more line items on the UX page than are displayed in the prototype for this lesson? The prototype doesn't appear to have all the line items that an end-user would need like Suggested Order Amount, Override Suggested Order Amount? and others.




2. The Checklist for this lesson asks whether an end user can only see order shipping methods and shipping costs in the week the order was placed? However, my Final Shipping Method and, Final Shipment Amount line items, are displaying the Suggested Order Amount even when I don't check the Submit Purchase Order Request? boolean. How can I resolve this in order to complete this task? My formula is as follows:
Final Shipping Amount = IF NOT Override Suggested Order Amount? THEN Suggested Order Amount for the Month ELSE Override Amount
Screen Shot 2021-01-23 at 4.27.50 PM.png

3. If I put data into the Override line items, then UNcheck the Submit Purchase Order Request boolean, the Final Shipping Amount & Final Shipping Method are retaining the values of the hidden data (since I did not uncheck the Override boolean before unchecking the Submit Purchase Order Request? boolean) See two screenshots attached Is there a way to fix this?  

Submit PO = True

Submit PO: Unchecked (but data still showing in Final Shipping Amount & Final Shipping Method)

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  • Hello @1Crystaljewel 


    Question 1: I'm not sure how the new NUX screen prototypes adhere to what actually needs to be shown to users.
    for the purpose of the training, having a line item not showing on a page is not a detriment as long as you have the line item with the calculations in your underlying module. However, you are 100% correct that we need to make sure any relevant value that a user will need to make a decision or take an action should be on the dashboard/page.

    Question 2: You need to apply DCA to those line items to only be readable when "Submit Purchase Order" is on. Similar to what you did for other line items in the module

    Question 3: This is actually an important issue and I'm glad you asked about it because I believe we need to do more to clarify how the DCA functions.

    When we apply a DCA to a line item to allow users to either see/read or not see the data in the line item, we don't change the value of the line item. So in the case of your example, if the Override Amount is not visible due to DCA, that doesn't mean it is 0.
    In most cases - such as in read-only data, having the DCA hidden line items data populated won't be a problem, the issue becomes relevant when you are using this line item in calculations.


    A more thorough way to handle this case in the training - although not required - is to find a way, perhaps by using an intermediary line item, to set the value of the Override Amount to 0 when the Submit Purchase Order is not selected.


    You just need to be aware that a hidden line item value is maintained and does not change to 0 for example when hidden. You need to handle the logic according to the requirements of the business case.

    Best of Luck 



  • Thank you @einas.ibrahim 


    Thank you for the breakdown of Dynamic Cell Access. When I applied Access Drivers to the Final Amount and Final Shipping Method, I was able to hide the default value until the Override Booleans were checked. It's also helpful to understand that hiding a cell doesn't set the value to zero.