Field card in New UX


Hi ,

I am struggling with some weird issue with field card in new UX. Below are the details -


I have three list ,



L3(parent) -L4 (Child)



 I created a module with L1,L2 and L4 with two line items - one number and one comment(text format)  as below


Created a view with filter  "input" line item >0 


Publish the view on new UX - selected only L3 in top page selector (don't want to show L4 level as the view already have all details )



Now When I publish comment line item as field card ,the child levels are gone. When clicked on edit field card ,it show me child level also but the moment I publish it child level is gone hence can't sync with above view .The same is working with KPI Card but can't type in KPI card and hence need field card to work and sync .



 The Field card should sync with above view so that user can type in comments . Is there anything I am missing or this is expected behavior? 

Any help is highly appreciated .Thanks . 


  • Hello @shadmani 


    Comments line item is at L4 level. You click on the L4 list item on the grid and see the comments show up.


    PS: Please look at your naming convention, L1..L4 only if they belong to a same hierarchy.




  • @ArunManickam List naming convention is just for Community question purpose as I cant publish the customer data/info here . 

    As mentioned , Even if I click on list level 4 ,field card is not refreshed ,KPI card is refreshed .

    Edit -Adding one more screen shot -