Level 2 Sprint 1 - Build saved view




I have created the SYS05 Build Region and SYS06 Build Country saved views, but after following directions it seems like they are no different than the default view? I just want to make sure I am following correctly since these will be important imports later down the line. 


Thank you for your help! 


  • Hi,
    For 1.3.6 Activity & other Saved Views, notice the “include” bullet in the Create section. After the activity bullet points, text is included to “Make sure to select SHOW for the “xyz” line item.... (of course, once you highlight the columns).

    Also, the “Saved Views for Importing” lesson explains the best practices of Format > Show Selection vs Hide Selection.

    Hope this helps you!
  • Yup! I included the specific items to save, but the saved view and default view look exactly the same. I have attached screenshots of what mine look like. Are these saved views correct? 

  • Looks right!  All about best practices with SYS and modules.


    I reviewed the steps -- – SYS05 Region module was previously created, so no change. – SYS06 Country module, you downloaded countries.csv



  • Thank you for the help!