Import Mappings: "FY" added to line item name


Hi community,


I have a source module with a year time scale. When I try to do an import from this module, Anaplan adds "FY21" before every line item. Why is this and how can I get rid of it? The "FY21" comes from the current month setting which means that when the year changes, this mapping breaks. 


I find this extremely annoying so hope you guys can help.



- Kalle


Best Answer

  • nathan_rudman
    interesting. you import from a view ? you have the time nested with LI there ?


  • Hi Nathan,


    Yes, time was nested and there is a current year filter... So I pivoted the view and everything is fine now.  In hindsight it is quite obvious but this was the first time I´ve seen this and it looked weird. Got annoyed and didn´t think staight. 


    So thank you very much! Problem solved.


    - Kalle