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I have accidently deleted an item from a List in a Module. So the item still exists in the List but not anymore in the Module in which that List has been used as a Dimension. Any clue how I can get the item back as a part of the List in the Module? thanks.


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  • Meghna
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    Hi Jared, 


    Figured it out. First thing, strange that the history does not include any actions from morning except from 3pm onwards whereas I've done quite a few tasks since.



    Got started working on 'The Conclusion of Level 2' which talks about the 'Location codes' and checked the List that G3 has codes for all Location and the one NY was missing. Since it was a 'write' field, populated the code and ticked on Distribution centre and NY has appeared in all relevant modules.


    However, had to run through the task of uploading Beg Inv, adding the Distribution centre capacity etc.


    Cheers and Thanks.


  • @Meghna 

    Most likely you used the "HIDE" function. To get the list item back, you can select items to show by hovering over the list and clicking on "Select Items to Show"


  • Hi Jared thanks for replying. Its not hidden, I was meant to delete a saved version and perhaps did not pay attention and as soon as I hit the Edit > Delete > OK realised I was in the wrong place. So in the eg. below there should be 'New York' as a location before San Francisco in the DAT01 module.


    The location still sits in the Lists


    You will not see other locations in the DAT01 module as there's no Beginning Inventory but NY had.

    Thank you,

  • @Meghna 

    You must have deleted another list item then. Can you check the history log? Look for the delete and if possible go ahead and restore your model by selecting the ID right before the delete and hit "restore".

    History Restore II 001.png

    When you use Edit-Delete it's permanent. You will need to either restore your model or re-add the list item that was deleted. I suspect NY was not deleted. 

    Let me know what your history log shows. We'll get your view back to normal.

  • So I was in INV03 module when I deleted it. but the history does not show that...and does not show anything for today


    I was trying to delete this saved view under INV03, 


    But happened to be in INV03, except there was NY as the 1st item and deleted it



  • @Meghna Did you download the history file? You may have to search for the transaction where you hit the delete. I guarantee that it's there if you deleted a list item. The only other explanation I can think of is that you hid the list item and it's something you can just add back in by using the show, or select items to show.

    Beyond that, I have to admit, I'm stumped. Hopefully some others on the Community can jump in.

  • @Meghna Nice job!