Functionality to hide rows with a criteria

Order DateItemQuantityShipping Status
Dec-3-2020Arm Chair50Not Shipped
Dec-4-2020Office Desk30Delivered
Dec-4-2020HP Printer20Delivered
Dec-6-2020Dell Laptops3In Transit
Dec-9-2020Samsung TVs4

Not Shipped

Jan-5-2021Light bulbs10In Transit


This would be a checkbox. If checked, delivered items disappear from the grid. If unchecked, all items display on the grid. 
Hide Delivered Items?


Hello, I'm trying to have a Boolean checkbox that allows me to hide the rows with Delivered status in the new UX. This will allow the business planner to focus on the rows with items that are yet to be shipped or in transit, but also still have the option of seeing all items by unchecking the "Hide Delivered items?" box)  


Thanks in advance for your help. 

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  • JaredDolich


    Great question. You can solve this rather easily with a filter.

    1. Create a line item in your transaction module that looks for the checkbox to hide delivered product.

    2. Use that as a filter in a saved view



  • Hi, @JaredDolich , I want to make sure I understand the steps here: 


    1. Create a Boolean formatted line item (i.e. Hide Delivered Items?) 

    2. In the transaction module, create a line item (I'm assuming this would be Boolean as well) to looks for the "Hide Delivered Items" checkbox. I assume this would have a formula such as IF Hide Delivered Items? THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE? 


    3. Add the filter (from step 2) to the saved view?



    Is this what you mean?

  • The line item you create will be a boolean, call it "Delivered?"

    This has a formula like:
    Shipping Status = SYS Shipping Status.Delivered

    This is checking that the Shipping Status matches a known state (held in a system module).

    The saved view can then be filtered on: NOT Delivered? AND Hide Delivered Items?

  • @sosunkwo 

    You're almost there. @MarkWarren has  it right. You need a line item that checks for delivery. If it's true then you can filter that out. Then create a saved view.


    A simpler approach which would not require any additional modelling is to simply filter it out from your UX view. 

    This will require that the line item is formatted as a list. 

    Select the required line item, navigate to the filter icon and select the 'is not equal to,' and select the 'Delivered' list item.

    To remove the filter follow the same steps but this time deleting the filter criteria.

    This will involve more steps but removes the need for additional modelling.

  • Thank you all for the inputs. I've created the functionality and it works as expected. I also know about using the filter icon on the grid, but I've found that some users prefer to see a filtering option in plain sight, and that requires minimal effort from them 🙂


    My Solution (just in case anyone stumbles on this question and needs to know my step-by-step solution): 


    - Created a Systems Module, called SYS Shipping Status Details with the Shipping Status list as a dimension.

                    This module has one line item called Shipping Status with a formula: ITEM(Shipping Status)  to get the corresponding shipping status value

    - Next I created a User Filters Module with the Users List as a dimension. In blueprint view, under the Users Lists column, I set Show All to Off. 

                    This module has one Boolean-formatted line item called Hide Delivered Items?


    Then, in the Transaction Module, I created two extra line items. The first line item Delivered? has a formula: Shipping Status = Shipping Status.Delivered. Returns true if the item has a delivered status, else false. 

                 The second line item is Delivered Item Filter and has the formula: IF User Filters.Hide Delivered Items? THEN NOT Delivered? ELSE TRUE

    In the same Transaction Module, I created a Saved View for the dashboard with a filter "Delivered Item Filter is equal to ✔ "

  • @sosunkwo 

    Thank you for taking the time to document your solution! Greatly appreciated. Nice work!