Financial planning tool selection - Adaptive planning vs Anaplan


Looking for advice as to how to make an informed decision on choosing adaptive looker  vs anaplan for financial planning. Data sets are not too huge and cost and simplicity of the tools are important factors in the selection process.



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    Great question. From my perspective I don't see that these two solutions are mutually exclusive. Anaplan is a SaaS platform for multi-dimensional planning first and visualization second. Looker is the reverse, more of a visualization tool. So it depends on your use case I suppose. If you're looking for an Alteryx or Knime type of solution then Looker would probably be better. If your looking for a Hyperion or Cognos solution, then Anaplan. But the good news is that Anaplan has a rich RESTul API set that you can integrate to Looker, so you can actually use both. Plan in Anaplan. Visualize and do the hard data crunching in Looker.

    Anyway, just some thoughts.

  • As  JaredDolich Said, We are using Anaplan Integrated with Looker for Better Visualisation purposes. for information, you check Looker Certification Tutorials here

  • To make an informed decision on choosing between Adaptive Looker and Anaplan for financial planning, consider your specific business needs, such as the required features and capabilities. Also, evaluate the cost and ease-of-use of each tool. For smaller data sets, both tools may be suitable, so prioritize the factors that matter most to your business.

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    It all depends on your requirements however both the Looker and Anaplan have different features but work for the same business requirements. As per my knowledge, both tools are good, business owners can choose them as per their business nature, operations, and complexities.


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    Since 2015, I have started using Anaplan and have implemented many Anaplan models from start to finish in the area of Production Planning for Geometry Dash Scratch , inventory planning, capacity planning, S&OP, planning demand planning, supply planning for many global customers and I can really see my customers getting huge benefits out of Anaplan in terms of margins or cost reduction. With proper planning, the company can decide its strategy to make the business more profitable.

  • Anaplan is able to handle large data sets, even for complex planning and analytics, whereas Adaptive Planning can store a dinosaur game large volume of data, but unlike Anaplan.