Script - Error while Executing Import Action.


Dear Expert ,


Seeking your kind guidance n below matter , I am trying to import File to my Anaplan Model but while doing show I am getting below shown  error. I also crossed checked the Java Path which seems correct to me . Could you please assist me on this I would be highly thankful to you.

Administrator: Command Prompt 

r windows registry.

ERROR: Java binary at path does not exist (C: \Program .exe)

Press any key to continue

C: \Anap1an Connect\anaplan-connect-l call . . bat

. \Anap1anC1ient . bat -user ""

-debug -service "https://api . ana" -workspace "XXXXX" -model "XXXXX


-put "D: XXXX . csv"

-import "XXXXXX"

cation for Dumping the Errored data from Import"

Absolute path to JAVA 8 or Java 11 or Open]DK8 executable not provided. Will attempt to figure

r Windows registry.

ERROR: Java binary at path does not exist (C: \Program exe)

Press any key to contin

C: \Anap1an Connect\anap1an-connect-1.4.4\anap1an-connect>

C: \Anap1an Connect\anap1an-connect-1.4.4\anap1an-connect>

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  • Shail it looks like your %JAVAHOME% environment variable has not been set. You can test this via CMD if you are a windows user, just echo %JAVA_HOME% and it should return the path:


    Here is an example from my machine

    C:\Users\seanc>echo %JAVA_HOME%
    C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-9.0.1

  • Dear Sean,


    Appreciate your favor , We have already done the variable setup since we have JRE so I made JRE_HOME .for your view please see the below screen .


    But still I am getting error . Kindly do let me know if I a missing another setting.

  • C:\Users\T19NMOU>echo %JRE_HOME%
    C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_15

  • Hi,


    If you edit the 'AnaplanClient.bat' script you will see the logic underlying the error. As I read it, it looks like the script is searching for a %JAVA_HOME% variable and looking for ...\bin\java.exe


    What I am not sure about is if Anaplan connect picks up the %JRE_HOME% variable, 

    If you look in C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_15\bin, can you see a java.exe 


    Also have you tried to set a %JAVA_HOME% variable to test if the variable name is the issue.