Let end user add multiple items to a list




The organizational list of my business in Anaplan need to be updated every week, because there is a lot of new client. 

One end-user need to have the possibility to add several items in the same time in this list. 

I created a form to let this user add item to the list but the user can only add one item , and this action takes some time to run, it's too long.

Is there a solution to add several client in the same time by an end user ? 

Is there a possibility to create an import file without delete the data currently in the list ? It will be just an import file with the new client and their parents in the list ? I would like to avoid going through an export of the current list , to import new client, i don't know if there is a way to do that ? 


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  • ChrisAHeathcote


    Use a form that you build out in a module.

    Create an input list for the number of additional list items you would like the user to add each time.

    Dimension a module using this list and add line item for the properties such as name, code etc.

    Create a saved view and format the module ready for import into a list.

    Using the module import into the list, publish this action to a page alongside the grid.

    Your user can then populate the grid for each new additional client and import into the list by running the action.


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  • @aeyzat 


    If I am not mistaken, I believe this can be done via a worksheet, not a form.



  • Thank you for your answer, it's clear



  • @aeyzat 

    Also, import only code and name into the list running a second import action into a module dimensioned by the target list where you store the list properties. 

    These could include key mappings such and supplementary information like address, sector etc.

    It is not best practice to use list properties to store this kind of data.