List and Modules


I am Working on a Test Module dimensioned with List B which is child of list A;

There are some list items in List A which doesn't have any child.

In Test Module I have created two Boolean which 1)checks child is present  2) parent with no child

and I have created 3rd Boolean which will be true when 1 or 2 is true, but I am not able to fetch 2nd Boolean values as there is mismatch in dimension(because parent list items don't have any child so parent function is not helpful).

Slight hint will be helpful




  • Hi Swapnil,

    What is the dimension of the second line item? Is it List A or List B?

  • Module dimension List B

    Boolean line items 1)checks child is present  2) parent with no child

    1)checks child is present -> List B

    2) parent with no child -> dimension List A (subsidiary view)

  • Got you now!
    Create one more line item with the name List A in the module. Formula: PARENT(ITEM(List B))
    Then in the third line item where you want the final result use this formula:
    Line Item 1 OR Line Item 2[LOOKUP: List A]

    Basically you cannot refer the parent level data at the child level without using a LOOKUP formula

  • Problem with this approach is that I am only able to fetch the list items from parent list(List A) which has child in List B,

    But instead of that I want to fetch those list item from list A which doesn't have any child.

  • I see what you mean
    In that case, why do you need the boolean at the child level? Since there is no child, what is the utility in having a boolean at that level..?
  • Sorry for the confusion

    List items of list A-  A,B,C,D,E,F

    List items of list B- A1,A2, B1,D1 ,D2, E1

    So here item C,F don't have any child.

    Boolean 1 will be true for  A1,A2, B1,D1, D2, E1

    Boolean 2 will be true for C and F

    and Third Boolean will be true based on Boolean 1 or Boolean 2