Power BI connector - Invalid Credential




I followed the process "Anaplan connector Power BI Desktop" in order to see an export file in power BI. 

It worked the first time, but every time i reopened the file in order to see the updated export in power bi, i can't connect to Power BI because of "Invalid Credential", and i can't connect to Anaplan either.


Is there is a way to avoid this each time i try to reopen the file ? 


Other question, I updated the export file in Anaplan , but my collegue failed to see the export file updated, is there is a solution in order that she can be able to see the changes when the export file is updated ? 


Thank you for your help 




  • @aeyzat 

    The Power BI connector is awesome.

    Some ideas:

    • Did you use the following URL's to connect?
    • Did you save the export as "Everyone" (so others can see it)







  • Hello,

    Yes of course, I followed the process, and i put the good URL's to connect
    And i save the export as "everyone" in Anaplan, my collegue can export it , but in Power BI we can't see the changes when we refreshed the datas

  • @aeyzat 

    If your export is using a saved view and you change it, you will have to export the data manually to reset the default file. That is most likely why you can't see the changes.

    Also, don't forget to set the export to "everyone" when you download it again. Easy to forget.