Create two lists from one existing list


Hi Team

we have a list with list items as 20180101,20180101.01,20180101.02.

Now I need to create two different lists as parent child hierarchy from existing list.

If ".01" is there at right hand side(20180101.01) then it should reflect as "Branch1", If ".02" is there at right hand side(20180101.02) then it should reflect as "Branch2" else it should reflect "core branch".

20180101 should be parent and 20180101,20180101.01,20180101.02 should come as core branch, branch1, branch2 as child under 20180101.


Can anyone help me in solving this.


Thanks Shirisha.


Best Answer

  • JaredDolich

    @1635834 Shirisha:

    What a neat use case. Yes, you can parse that string to obtain the values, then run two import actions to create the lists. 

    Note: A slightly faster, but less supportable, way would be to parse all this in Excel and generate two CSV files.

    Here are the steps in Anaplan:

    1. Create a list of all the text that needs to be parsed.



    2. Create a system module using that list above and parse the text




    3. Create saved views for each branch. Anaplan will only let you use the saved view for one import. If you try to use the same view for two different imports it will use the last import.

    4. Create the actions that populate the list (Import). Use the saved views respective to the branch. Always load lists top to bottom. So, Core branch first.




    5. Create a process that holds all the import actions

    6. Marvel at your good work!





  • why two different list and not just one list with two items branch 1 and branch 2 ?

    In any case you need to create a module with your original list. In there you can create the mapping necessary to create update the parent of the current list. You need a line item call "parent code" where you'll put the last two characters. Save a view. Import from this view mapping the parent code to "Parent" and it will re-allocate the items.