NUX 3 Level Synchronizing Issue



I have a hierarchy with 3 levels. I have published Level 3 as a page context selector in NUX(i.e, B1 - Baseline1). It's synchronizing with level 2 parent(i.e, infra 22) but not with level 1 parent(i.e, Metro Riyadh 2022). as shown in below image. When I select Level 2 in the dropdown, then Level 1 Parent is in sync.



Screenshot (226).png

Can anyone help me out with this? thank you


  • @Rahul_Rathod 

    Two Ideas:

    1. look to see if you have any filters or you are using a saved view. Often times these will interfere with the selectors.
    2. Make sure you have full access to the lists. Sometimes selective access will be turned on.


  • @Rahul_Rathod 

    To elaborate on @JaredDolich point. Any manual manipulation of the view will void the synchronisation. These could be showing or hiding rows/columns or filters.

    The manual formatting will take priority.

    Can I also confirm that the context selectors are lists and not context filters.. These do not synchronise with each other.


  • @ChrisAHeathcote @JaredDolich 

    Thank You for you response!

    > The page selectors publish are of custom views and no filters applied also I've full access to the lists.

     No manipulation of the view and context selectors published are lists.


    Further, I've connected with Anaplan Support team on this issue, and they confirmed it as a bug.