Hiding Subtotals & Totals in the Graphs in NUX


Have tried to create Daily sales Column chart in NUX., however I dont want to see monthly summaries. I already tried to apply the filter in the model., and see if it will eliminate the totals. Is there an easy way of hiding Monthly Subtotals and Totals in the NUX? I know we can add filter in the time ranges., but it does not seem to be working. I still can see daily sales numbers and the total for that month displayed in the Graph. 


It would make so much sense to have a function in the NUX to be able to tick or untick "Show Totals"  within any given graph. Would totally create a much better user experience instead of trying to apply filters or creating line item for the filter within the model.

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  • JaredDolich


    Just tacking on to @rob_marshall comment,

    You can adjust what is seen on the time hierarchy by going into the designer. You select the eyeball and then time. From there you can either hardcode the levels you want or you can turn off summaries. 

    Also, Note! If you're using a saved view from classic, you won't be able to change it in New UX. Best option is to create a custom view! Much more control.




  • Hi Rob, that's exactly what I need yes, will build the SYS model and do it as you suggested. 


    Thank you 


  • Kristina.Maksimiuk@thehutgroup.com 


    Are you not wanting to see subtotals on just time or also on the other lists?  If it is just filtering out Time totals, in your SYS Time module (if you don't have one, create one) that is at the daily level.  Create a line called Filter Days with the format being a boolean.  Hardcode that to TRUE.  Now, you can use that as your filter to only show the days.



  • Just to double check, whilst the filter is now working NUX column Graph that I have is not updating. Its showing all days of the month including the Total for the month. I tried unselecting the total manually and applying the filter in my DB it does not seem to be working, The graph still shows the total for the month each time. Any suggestions?

  • Kristina.Maksimiuk@thehutgroup.com 

    I think you're super, super close. Are you using a saved view from Classic, or a custom view in New UX?

    A saved view cannot be configured, a custom view in New UX can be configured.

  • Hi Jared, 


    I have tried both. Classic is not ideal for me as we moving away from using Classic Dashboards. In terms of NUX, I have created a custom view in NUX and whilst it showing only days now in the Preview the Column chart does not update. Any suggestions pls?


    Graph view NUX.PNGNUX Custom View.PNG

  • Kristina.Maksimiuk@thehutgroup.com 

    I think you're one step away from success! You don't need to select all the days in the bottom half. By deselecting the summaries at the top you've handled the summary issue. To use the selector, you need to make sure all the days are eligible to by sync'd. By hardcoding all the days, you're telling Anaplan "I want all these days even if I change the the selector." 

    Let's see if that works! Let me know.

  • Hi Jared, 


    It's not working for me. No matter what I do the Monthly total is still shown in the Graph. 

  • Kristina.Maksimiuk@thehutgroup.com 

    No worries. We'll get you to the finish line. First, make sure your eyeball/time setting is set like below.

    Here's an example of how the summary should look. First with summaries on. Then with summaries off.

    Summaries On...


    Summaries off...


  • Hi Jared, 


    so followed your instructions but the total is still in the Graph. Is there a next step to this?Screenshot 1.PNGScreenshot 2.PNG

  • Kristina.Maksimiuk@thehutgroup.com 

    Ah, ok. You wanted this for a chart. To remove the month then use a custom view, as you've already done. Remove the eyeball/time configuration (turn summary back on). Instead create a boolean filter from a system module that sets dates to TRUE. Then use that filter on your chart. Turn on synchronization, and your all set!


    Apply the filter from the system module.


    Turn on synchronization



    Marvel at your wisdom and creativity!


  • Thank you Jared, its seems to be working now. Brilliant!