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Hi All, 

I have started learning for Level 1 Model builder certification. While going through the training it says in middle at times to refer to Anapedia for more details. So do we have to immediately go and refer to anapedia or can we complete the full training and whenever needed we can keep referring to anapedia.





  • hello @ankitaga2000 


    I’m not sure I fully understand your concern. Ana pedía is a great resource to show you how to use a particular function. You can refer to it any time,

    when the training material suggests you refer to Anapedia it’s so you can get more information in the use of the fiction so you can apply it in the training. 

  • @ankitaga2000 

    Agree with @einas.ibrahim. Try not to think of Anapedia as a requirement but rather a resource you can always refer to anytime you need a refresher or just a little more detail. As you progress with your Anaplan journey I guarantee you'll be grateful for the Anapedia. Most software companies (for profit) don't share these kind of details. Plus, you've got a great Community Site too. You'll find there are lots of people very anxious to see you succeed.

    Anyway, great question.

  • Thanks a lot @JaredDolich @einas.ibrahim  for the wonderful reply. I will surely follow this going forward in the future.




  • @ankitaga2000 

    If you are new to Anaplan, you may find Anapedia "dry" which what you expect from technical documentation. Be patient and don't give up. The more you get used to Anaplan and understand it's "lingo", the more valuable you will find Anapedia.

    Good luck to you on your Anaplan Journey